This is the range of items I’ve made with clock inserts. The oak burr/burls are 2 inch thick slices that have been made to keep as many as the natural features as I can e.g. the top edge – I’m constantly amazed at how beautiful nature can make things and in some cases the less that I do is the better path. All the wood is 2 year + fully seasoned and has had no dies or stains applied. The grain and features you see are exactly as nature made them except for a light coat of lacquer to protect the wood.

These pieces range in price from £25-£40 each.

The trick with wood – and this is something that took me a long time to learn – is to understand how a piece will look once it’s been turned/shaped and polished as I often buy them in lumps with no internal features visible, covered in dirt/dust and very rough.

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